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It would take more than one lifetime to catch an example of each of the over 500 varieties of fish that swim the waters of the Florida Keys. Here are a few of the most common catches..


Probably the best known gamefish in the keys this fighter can reach a weight of 100 pounds; but averages around 50 He is generally found in water over six fathoms. However, it is not uncommon to find him hunting food in the shallow waters of the reef. Fall and winter are the best times of year to tangle with a sailfish, but they are caught year-round.


Found in the Gulfstream and in the open ocean this grand-daddy of gamefish averages 150-250 lbs. (Florida Record: 980 lbs., 8 ozs.) Spring and summer are the best time to hook up with one, and be ready for a battle.

White Marlin


Like its big brother the blue marlin, the white marlin is also found in the gulfstream or open ocean. Reaching weights up to 170 pounds it averages around 85 lbs. (Florida Record: 161 lbs.)A great jumper and fighter, its edibility is only good and so it is not often eaten.


Winter is the best time to catch a king. Traveling in schools they average 12-20 lbs. but can exceed 50 pounds. (Florida Record 90 lbs.) Caught in waters offshore, they are an excellent eating fish and are considered by some the best for smoking.


Also a schooling fish, the dolphin is found in all warm waters usually 250 feet or deeper. Caught all year in the keys, summer is the best, and it is not unusual to catch a dozen 10 - 12 pounders, and a good 35 - 50 lb. bull. A great eater.


This Backcountry fighter may be found along the entire Florida coast in estuaries and among mangroves. Tarpon can be caught year round but summer is the best time of year to catch the big ones by casting on the shallow flats. Typical catch is 50 to 70 pounds. Edibility is poor.


Primarily Inshore fish inhabiting shallows of the Florida Keys - often in waters less than 1 foot deep, usually over lush grass flats, occassionally over white sand. Considered too bony for the average eater.


Late spring thru fall is the best time to hook this fish along the mangroves or shorelines of the Keys. Also found in sheltered waters and occasionally fresh water. The edibility of this fish is excellent.


This edible delight is found all year round mostly inshore or around reefs. Averaging 1 to 4 pounds, they can be found in holes, channels, bridges, pier areas, magroves and shorelines.

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